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The World of Danfo Drivers In Lagos

 Exclusive to Lagos the commercial nerve center of Africa is the yellow bus drivers (popularly called danfo) often regarded as the king of the road, this is because of their defining features and the vital role played in the life of people, going about with their daily businesses and activities.
Danfo drivers are quiet rocketry, able to access all kinds of road and quiet affordable. Although most people have their reservations about them but they remain the popular choice of commuters in Lagos.

To some many, danfo drivers are considered as the major perpetrators of all illegal activities on the road, from contributing to the gridlock to disobeying traffic rules and always snapping at the slightest provocation

The bus conductors are not different, as they are known for all forms of notorious behavior. Considering the workplace violence between commuters and danfo drivers’ one wonder if there will ever be a good relationship between them while plying roads within the short time in the vehicle.

To others people danfo drivers and conductors are irresponsible and disrespectful little wonder the consistent description would make one to believe that those are the requirement that qualifies one to be a danfo driver and conductor.
However, the Lagos state government has tried to regulate some of their activities with the use of LASMA but they seem to get away with their incessant behavior and sees LASMA as their worst enemy.

By and large, there is no doubt that danfo drivers and conductors play a crucial role in the transport system of Lagos. However to check their excesses and irregularities, the government must put more effort to ensure sanity among them.

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