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Badoo: The Ordeal Of Ikorodu Residence

 In the hunt for blood, skulls are smashed, body parts are extricated, limbs are broken and eyes are gorged to be sold
Am sure whenever you hear the word 'Badoo' it reminds you of a dating and flirting online platform you once use but today, Badoo means death by bricks, machetes, cudgels or mortars in your sleep.

In Ikorodu, one of the biggest division and fastest growing suburb of Lagos state is no doubt a home for all commercial activities. But Like every other emerging city, crime has also become a prominent feature of the town, that in Recent times, residents of the community are terrorized by some dreaded cult group known as badoo, a ritualist gang whose members are trained to sniff human blood in the wee hours of the night leaving homes with sorrow, tears and blood in their wake.
However, it was suspected that this dreaded cult group usually hypnotize their victims, as none of them has ever noticed their presence.

They smash victims' heads with a grinding stone and thereafter would use a handkerchief to clean the blood and brain before leaving the scene..."

A suspected member of the gang confessed that each ritual handkerchief used to clean victims’ blood after operation was sold for N500, 000 to herbalists and some prominent Nigerians for money rituals.

And sequel to the serial killings by the dreaded cult group cult in Ikorodu and environs, residents of the area as a mean of saying enough is enough, took laws into their hands as it been Jungle justice on suspected members of Badoo in Ikorodu, Lagos, to the point that an unidentified man was set ablaze by residents of the area.
According to a source, some of the suspects who confessed to be mere errand boys stated that their use of grinding stones in killing victims was to ensure efficacy of the money rituals.
Sources affirmed that Badoo has claimed more than one hundred lives since June 2016. Therefore, it high time for Government to intervene and bring back the peace that have once existed in ikorodu.

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