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Hushpuppi's New Report Of Laundering $400k In Prison Is Fake - American Cybersecurity Expert

Gary Warner, an American cybercrime expert, has replied to documents showing Hushpuppi committing another scam while incarcerated, claiming that the documents are fraudulent because the affidavit provided is a modified version.

The prosecutors in Hushpuppi's cybercrime case published another document revealing how the Instagram big boy was able to commit another fraud while incarcerated, adding to his previous charges that have yet to be resolved.

Gary Warner, in response to the document circulating online, stated that it is an edited version of the June 2020 Affidavit, and that the new version is a forgery designed to induce people to visit a cammer EIP website, and that the question is why would the police do such a thing.

The document is phony, according to the expert, but it is not fake to us, the laymen. This begs the question of who is speaking the truth, and if it is fake, what is the major reason for it, because most people seem to trust it. People are once again dragging Hushuppi through the mud for being able to con people outside of the US, despite the fact that he is currently incarcerated in the United States awaiting the conclusion of his trial.

Stefflon Don, a British rapper, has given fans a hint as to why she and Nigerian musician Burna Boy have peacefully parted ways. Last year, the media was inundated with rumors about their breakup, but they kept quiet and refused to reveal what was going on in their relationship to the public. Things finally fell apart as the shaky foundation of their relationship crumbled, but we never heard from them since they didn't make it public. If there's any evidence that the duo is no longer together, then this video speaks for itself. Stefflon was shown engaging with a Gorilla, Burna's signature animal, in the video, and she stated that she broke up with him because he does not provide her with the care and attention she requires. The rap artist then shifted the camera to the animal, which was chewing on a carrot, and continued to declare that it was not paying attention to her, which was unacceptable.

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