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'Why I Broke Up With Singer Burna Boy' Ex-Girlfriend, Stefflon Don Spills

Burna Boy

Stefflon Don, a British rapper, has given fans a hint as to why she and Nigerian musician Burna Boy have peacefully parted ways.

Last year, the media was inundated with rumors about their breakup, but they kept quiet and refused to reveal what was going on in their relationship to the public.

Things finally fell apart as the shaky foundation of their relationship crumbled, but we never heard from them since they didn't make it public.

If there's any evidence that the duo is no longer together, then this video speaks for itself. Stefflon was shown engaging with a Gorilla, Burna's signature animal, in the video, and she stated that she broke up with him because he does not provide her with the care and attention she requires. The rap artist then shifted the camera to the animal, which was chewing on a carrot, and continued to declare that it was not paying attention to her, which was unacceptable.

In another news former Big Brother Naija housemate Jumoke Adedoyin, also known as JMK, has expressed her disappointment on social media, adding that she would rather give up and find a regular job than try to please social media fans who do not always appreciate the stuff she has put her time and effort into. In a Snapchat clip, JMK expressed his displeasure with the pressure that comes with keeping up with the famous lifestyle. She wrote: It hurts me so much when I see people undervaluing brand influencers, or should I say public figures in general; I'm referring to those who create actual content. You can't blame them if they appear proud; it's a lot of work. Sometimes I cry in the middle of trying to get my material correct, and the moment I do, I'm already planning the next piece of content.

However, it's only out here that you see it like this. It was effortless, and after everything you've done, some scumbag who has no idea what you've done will come along and leave bad comments beneath the post that you've been given.

Some will reject it, yet it is true that public figures are the most depressed persons. Knowing that some people are anticipating what you will publish on social media for the day when you wake up every day. Isn't that why the phony life is genuine, since they're under pressure to produce high-quality content that will drive traffic to their website, allowing them to attract additional clients eager to pay to be known by these people?

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