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'How I Lost My Shame' James Brown Reveals

jame brown

James Brown, a prominent Nigerian crossdresser, has described how he lost his shame the day Nigeria accused him of being homosexual without providing substantial evidence.

During an online Q&A session with his admirers, James Brown was questioned why he enjoys behaving like a lady and is not embarrassed of it.

In response, James Brown stated that he lost his shame the day Nigeria accused him of being homosexual without any evidence on August 27th, 2018, and he was imprisoned for a month.

"I lost my shame the day Nigeria accused me of being a gay without any proof on August 27th 2018 and I still went to prison for one month oooo Oga I don lost am tay tay," he added.

It should be remembered that the House of Representatives voted to prohibit cross-dressing in the country in response to a new measure filed by a member of the house, Umar Muda.

James Brown, on the other hand, has come out to deny being a gay, claiming that he merely does it for fun and referring to himself as a "drag queen."

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In other News, Actress Iyabo Ojo and her stylist Toyin Lawani have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

On Monday, April 25, a quick look at their Instagram profiles revealed that the celebs are no longer following each other on the social media network.

This comes only days after Iyabo dragged Toyin into her brawl with famous fashion blogger Laura Ikeji on the third episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos.

Iyabo Ojo screamed at Laura, asking why she expected devotion from her. According to the actor, she owes Laura no gesture of devotion.

Taking a shot at Toyin, Iyabo said the fashion stylist told Laura about their private chats about her, which made the latter want to hit her.

She also referred to Toyin as "gbeboru," which translates to "gossip" in English. She stated,"

"Laura, I still wonder what Toyin said to you to get you so upset that you claimed you wanted to smack someone.... mind you, you said it to me three times @ the spa even though the camera only played it once... How can it be a slip of the tongue? Next time, own your words and quit acting like the Incredible Hulk in your confessionals.

I spoke the worst and worst about you on the beach, yet you want me on your side hahaha, lady I can see through you, I think the gbegboru Toyin did go you in the first place she didn't feed you well."

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