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Bobrisky Exposed Over Unpaid Debt Days After His N400 Million House Warming Party



Days after shutting down the internet with his one-of-a-kind housewarming party, Crossdresser, Bobrisky has been arrested for outstanding debts.

A hair merchant named priceless hairs has called out the crossdresser for millions of naira.

The hair merchant claimed that Bobrisky had approached them and asked them to help advertise their products, to which they accepted.

Bobrisky, on the other hand, did not do a good job because he only posted four posts.

The hair vendor indicated that she isn't chasing him for the money because she has already cheated him out of the 1.7 million she paid him for the task, but she is willing to go to fight with him for the hair he was given to advertise.

The braid wigs, she claims, are people's hard-earned money, and Bobrisky must produce it or account for it.

"I only uploaded this since the aunties were already sending dm. As previously stated, I am not prepared to drag anyone. But how do you do daylight robbery? I'm not talking about my own money.... I paid Bobrisky 1.7 million nairas, and he wrote four postings... Take the money, and I'll dash you. God had been exceedingly faithful... But you see those braid wigs that are women's hard-earned money? You must supply it or account for it! Or face God's wrath. Liar!!”.

Lightcast news remembers that following Bobrisky's expensive housewarming party in Lagos state, controversial faceless blogger Gistlovers revealed the claimed owner of his four hundred million nairas (N400, 000, 000) residence.

It was unsurprising that rumours concerning the legal owner of Bobrisky's new Lagos property circulated online. There were rumours, however, that he just utilized the property and the party to make more money.

Following the rumours, Gist Lover said that Bobrisky's housewarming celebration was one of his methods of making money.

She warned Bobrisky to stop spreading rumours
about his accomplishments in order to mislead the hardworking kids, claiming he was using another person's property to gain clout.

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