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"From Celibacy To Mother Of Two," Linda Ikeji Mocked For Alleged Second Pregnancy.


Linda Ikeji, a celebrity blogger and media entrepreneur, has come under fire after it was revealed that she is expecting her second child.

Nigerians are having a field day reacting to the reports, with many criticizing her for not living a celibate life.

Gistlover, a controversial blogger, stated that one of Nigeria's favourite bloggers was pregnant.

Despite the fact that the blog did not mention her name, many people deduced that the post was about her.

"If you say one of your favourite bloggers, then get Belle ooo." So I hear you're o. If this is true and she gives birth later, this will be her second child. "I'll leave this one to Una."

Who gave Linda Belle? osirochief:

lacrystal51: Did Ha Linlin drive and get pregnant again? Celibacy students in the mud, awww

Linda, according to official ruthycruz Congratulations, Ikeji, from a celibate to a mother of two.

Hmmm, hormorhlara. Oni invisible husband awon. Oran is a celibate.

Lindsay oni celibate isonu_

gli viga: Neither she nor green will ever be alone again. Preek oo's independence as a strong woman justice

Recalls involving Lightcast News In 2018, Linda Ikeji gave birth to her first child, Jayce Jeremi.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the billionaire blogger gave birth to a son.

Linda Ikeji had a son with millionaire businessman Sholaye Jeremi, whom she had an on-again, off-again relationship with for three years.

As their relationship deteriorated, the two decided to call it quits in 2017

Several people were surprised when Linda Ikeji removed his name from her son's Instagram bio, leading many to conclude that the billionaire was a bad father.

Sholaye Jeremi is said to have refused to accept her pregnancy and had never considered being a part of her son's life since his birth.

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