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'I Can Never Let Go Of My ATM, Even To My Husband' Comedienne Helen Paul


Helen Paul, a Nigerian comedienne who was been upgraded to the rank of professor at the Heart International Bible University in the United States, has stated that she can never let go of her ATM, not even to her husband.

Helen Paul said on Instagram moments ago that there is no love in marriage, but her husband, Femi, is her love and home, and that she loves how he allows her to keep his ATM card even if she can never let go of hers.

She was also grateful for his consideration of her.

"There is no love in marriage." Love is in people, and people put love in marriage. @femi bams, you're my home. You are quite aware of me.

I've never heard you call me Helen or Mama Gbenro, but they're lovely names. (Sweetheart, etc.) Na me just spoil dey always call you by your name and your children's names. I'll never let go of my ATM, but you did. Once a while, o... (Special guy)Lol I'm trying to be romantic, but my mischievous nature won't let me... "I love you sha. @femi bams," Helen Paul said on Instagram.

Lightcast news recalls that Helen Paull officially became a Professor a few weeks ago, and her husband, Femi Bamisele, also received a Doctorate in law.

In addition, the actress has been selected as the news HOD Department of Arts, Music, and Entertainment at Heart International University USA.

Helen Paul expressed her gratitude to her husband, the school administration, and all her loved ones when she announced the wonderful news.

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