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'Many Of You Vendors Are Local Yahoo' Bobrisky Slams Hard Over An Advert Deal Gone Wrong



  Idris Okuneye, widely known as Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, has reacted to a story regarding his business scamming tendencies.

Kemi Filani previously claimed that Bobrisky was summoned by a hair merchant known as Priceless Hairs for an unpaid bill in the millions of naira. The hairdresser claimed that Bobrisky approached them and asked them to help promote their products, to which they agreed.

The hairdresser further stated that Bobrisky did not complete his work as agreed. She also said that she wasn't after him for money, but rather that he return the items with him.

"I only uploaded this since the aunties were already DMing me." As I already stated, I am not prepared to even drag someone. But how do you go about daylight robbery? I'm not talking about my personal funds.... I paid Bobrisky 1.7 million naira and he wrote 4 posts... Take the money and I'll dash you. God has been quite dependable... But, you know, those braid wigs are women's hard-earned money, and you must deliver it or account for it! Or risk God's wrath. Liar!!”

Following the claim, Bobrisky came to Instagram to offer his side of the tale, which many criticized.

Bobrisky further claimed that he declined to proceed with the transaction since his supporters were already grumbling and he wanted to avoid future tragedies.

"Many of the vendors for whom we run advertisements are local yahoo, and it's past time we called them out." You'll pay us for advertisements just to defraud our followers. Hairs worth a fortune I have a lot of complaints about you on my dm from individuals who have paid for braid wigs but have not received them. At the end of the day, our followers will accuse us of fraudulent advertising."

"This is my personal tale!" Her sales are every week or two weeks. Now, many people will pay for her sales, and when it comes time to deliver, it will take months to react to clients, some of whom she will block and say are bothering her. So one day, an old lady came to my house and said she patronizes these vendors because I advertise for her. When I contacted her, she stated she would ignore them. Few weeks ago, she sent me 5 wigs by mistake. When I informed her that the hair did not belong to me, she advised me to return it to her. I agreed.

Bobrisky had deleted the post on Instagram at the time of this report, but the screenshot is below.



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