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Yinka Quadri And Children Surprise His Wife On Her Birthday

Nollywood actor Yinka Quadri surprised his wife with a birthday gift.

Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri, the actor's wife, celebrates her birthday today, July 7.

The veteran and his children organized a family birthday party for her.

Yinka Quadri poured prayers on her as she shared images from her wedding on Instagram.

Yinka Quadri has declared his love and admiration for her. He hailed her as his "heavenly angel."

"To the woman who gave me everything, happy birthday!" Our children, our lovely home, our pleasure, and our way of life You mean more to me than I can express in words. This year, my beloved wife, my birthday message to you is simple and loving, only to express how much I appreciate you, my angel from above.... I have only the best wishes for you today as we celebrate another wonderful birthday and another fantastic year with you by my side as my wife. Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri, may this year and beyond bring you just the best, my love..."

LightCast TV recalls Alhaji Yinka Quadri, a veteran actor, who revealed why he only married one wife.

He is blissfully married to Alhaja Sadiat Quadri, who prefers to keep things simple in her life. She is a very private person

Only a few people know his wife, let alone his children. He had managed to keep his age-long marriage functioning. Not only that, but being a Muslim and a top theatre practitioner with women always surrounding him, many people assumed he would be married to more than one wife.

He revealed why he chose to have only one wife, despite his faith, which allows him to have multiple wives, and also because of his popularity in the Yoruba film business.

"I have one wife; we've been married since 1985." But I already had a child from a previous relationship before we married. I had a traditional wedding ceremony with the woman, but we quickly learned that we were not compatible. We would remain together for a week, which equals 7 days, fight for 5 days, and only be friends for 2 days, indicating that we were not compatible, and we did this for 5 or 6 years, so our parents believed it was best if we split up. And after she left, I met my wife, Nike, in 1985, and we began having children in 1989; she is the only woman in my house." Yinka Quadri once stated in an interview

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