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Mixed Feelings Trails The Heartwarming Reunion Between BBNaija Cross And His Mother

The touching reunion kiss between Big Brother Naija season 6 finalist, Cross Okonkwo, simply known as Cross, and his mother has elicited mixed views.

A video that went viral on social media showed Cross giving his mother a heartfelt embrace after a long time apart.

The footage recorded Cross' mother hiding her face upon her son's return home, as well as the moment he gave his mother a homecoming kiss.

Many people are questioning Cross for kissing his mother on the lips, stating his wife's sentiments were not considered.

Some, on the other hand, praised Cross and his mother's special bond, saying their love is unequalled.

Read a few captions below.

Ronnyeboony: Love, Love, Love.... Everyone desires a lovely family. I adore Cross and his mother.

osasu__: What is an African mother reunion without prayers?

It's always the gentle kisses for my cross wife, so be prepared.

anita chimany: I don't enjoy the kisses, but I adore them both.

houze of gem: So na so she go dey kiss this guy in front of the wife and kids o 

Osirimglory: Mother and son's love Incomparable. God bless you, mother.

Cross celebrated his birthday in July 2022 with love and shouts from his friends, admirers, and other roommates, according to LightCast.

Pere Egbi, a BBNaija season 6 finalist who welcomed the housemates to his opulent 37th birthday celebration, posted video recordings of himself and Cross.

He wrote a kind note to Cross on her special day.

Pere regarded Cross as his brother from another mother, saying that "words can't express how much he loves him since he is a real one" and will remain such.

Pere wrote: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. My other mother's brother. I can't put into words how much I adore you, brother. You are and will be a genuine individual. I wish I could be physically present right now, bro, but I can't. But I am present in spirit with you. May God bless your good heart (even if you ate all that chicken at the airport, and I still haven't forgiven you). May you receive whatever you desire in life. May your days on earth be lengthy, and may the Lord beam his grace upon you. I adore you, little brother. Your big brother wishes you a happy birthday. Choke on E-go!!!

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