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Television Broadcaster Toke Makinwa Is Being Queried About Her Wedding Ring By Her Nephew

Toke Makinwa, a well-known on-air personality and television broadcaster, was questioned by her nephew about her lack of a wedding ring.

Toke Makinwa and her nephew exchanged charming and amusing comments in a viral video clip.

During the exchange, Toke Makinwa's nephew poked fun of her by asking for her wedding ring. However, the excellent actress laughed off the question.

Many people have commented on how Toke Makinwa's nephew did not grasp the seriousness of his statements.

pwetty memeL Na Anti Toke be the actual rich Auntie, there are folks like us who whine when we reach our turn for the 10naira biscuit.

africanflamingo_: It's not contrived, and the lad said it without hesitation. Children from other countries do not develop chills.

xlyteofficial: Baba flung the shade without remorse.

Toke don Comot's hand for everything marriage-related

omaofficial_: Some of you can't talk to your aunties like this and still be happy, let alone living, which is why you think it's staged.

_aniscooser: If you're happily married, that's great, but marriage is never a priority for some individuals. They simply want to have one or two children, work hard, and provide for them a better future.

mhiz viva.zinny: What a stylish shade.

Omo the nephew flung a dagger at organics. vanity. However, she chest am

 Omo the question hit toke hard, officialbobbyfredrick__. Sha she try to hide up if I don't wipe am dell chord for the neck?

According to LightCast, Toke Makinwa revealed that her terrible history made it tough for her to find love again. She did, however, mention how God helped her overcome her difficulties, claiming that He (God) kept the best for last.

"I'm simply happy that God didn't give up on me even when my past trauma made me impossible to love; he saw through my brokenness even now, and I fear to imagine where I'd be if God had abandoned me."

"He kept the best for last."

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