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Lizzy Gold Shades Nollywood Stars For Living Fake Lifestyle


LizzyGold, a Nollywood actress, has slammed some of her colleagues for wasting money despite having plenty.

The singer and mother of two announced this on her verified Instagram profile as a caption for a wonderful shot she shared.

"Too many individuals spend money they haven't earned, on items they don't want, to please people they don't like," she wrote.

Fans could see from her comment area that the message was addressed to some of her female coworkers who frequently live grander lives than their pockets could support.

LightCast previously reported that Lizzy Gold outlined some of the reasons kidnappers kidnapped her coworkers and demanded $100,000 in ransom.

Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornell were kidnapped on their way home from filming in Ozalla Town, Enugu state, a few weeks ago. Lizzy claimed that the majority of the bad guys working against actors in Nigeria believe they have a fortune.

Ms Gold, who shared a screenshot of what was posted on the internet about her alleged nett worth, stated that she is nowhere near the $400,000 claimed by bloggers.

I need to apprehend the person responsible for these lies. I am working hard to get wealthy, but I am currently not near any of the amounts given... I neither get nor get money. I am a hustler. I even find out who is stealing my money. Please do not believe anything you read on the internet."

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